Musical Story-Time

If you’ll indulge me for a sec I have a story I’d like to share. The other day after American Nomad’s show at University of California Botanical Garden at Berkeley a nine-year-old-boy came up to me with his father and shook my hand. “Thanks so much for playing.” he said. “How much for a CD?” He went over to his dad for some money.
“Keep the change.” he said after handing me a $20. His dad laughed and nodded his head.
The boy looked me in the eyes and reached out to shake my hand again. “You rocked it man.” he said candidly.
“Aww. Thanks. so much for saying that.” I responded, touched by his words. I saw a light in his eyes that I recognized in myself when I first started playing. “Do you play music?” I asked him knowing the answer was yes before the words left my mouth. Only a little musician in the making would act like he did after a show.
“Yes. Clarinet.” he replied shaking my hand for a third time. At this point my friends at the show and his dad were laughing.
“Practice everyday and let me know when you want to open up for us.” After a barrage of music related questions, his dad pulled him away. I had made a new buddy. Something about that moment stuck with me. The kid was genuinely inspired by music I made. How cool is that? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Someday I believe that boy will be on stage and will inspire many people with his music. Just a gut feeling. Keep an eye out. The wheel keeps on turning. Thanks for indulging me. Have a great Monday folks!

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