Hey folks! Check out this Q/A session on American Nomad in the San Francisco Chronicle. Thanks Tony DuShane for the great questions.


Here’s an excerpt:

After a road trip across the country from Boston, Hassan El-Tayyab relocated to the Bay Area in 2009. He met Shiloh Parkerson, who ended up as his music partner in American Nomad. If you’re into Americana, the San Francisco band will not disappoint. It’s foot-stompin’ fun.
Lineup: Hassan El-Tayyab, vocals, guitar; Shiloh Parkerson, vocals, guitar; Adam Lowdermilk, upright bass, vocals; Brian Judd, mandolin, vocals; Aurora Bowers, fiddle, vocals.

Was there a band you heard when you were young that inspired you to become a musician?

HE: I found a collection of Robert Johnson recordings sitting on a display case. I listened to the CD multiple times and checked out a few books on his life and legacy. … I became fascinated with the folklore and his music. The experience left me with a huge appreciation for the blues, which became the backbone of my taste in music, eventually leading me to listen to rock, folk, bluegrass, country and even pop.

How does living in the Bay Area affect your music?
HE: Living here forces artists to think about how tech and art are merging together. There are so many new tools becoming available every day that we are constantly trying to keep up to date in order to stay connected with our fan base. The Bay Area is also a musical melting pot, which has a growing appreciation for contemporary Americana and bluegrass music fusing with other genres.

How did you come up with your band name and what does it mean to you?

HE: The name originally stemmed from a long road trip I took in 2009. … I’m also half Bedouin and half European immigrant, which makes me a certifiable American Nomad. In a nutshell, American Nomad is a metaphor for an internal and external journey humanity is on to fuel art, which essentially is our interpretation of reality.

Next gig: 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 22. With Misner and Smith, Freddy and Francine. $10-$20. Viracocha, 998 Valencia St., S.F. (415) 374-7048. www.viracochasf.com.
— Tony DuShane, bandwidth@sfchronicle.com

Link to article:


Hey folks,

Hassan here. I have some exciting news to share. I just bought a brand new guitar. I’ve been wanting a Martin D-18 for a few years now and it finally happened. I went down to Griffon Stringed Instruments down in Palo Alto and purchased it about 3 weeks ago. Getting a new guitar is a sacred act. This is probably the guitar I’m going to play for most of my career as a professional musician. It’s the guitar I’m going to write new songs on. It’s the guitar that I’ll be dragging around to venues all across the country.I’ve been trying to think of a name for my new pal but nothing is coming to mind. If you think of something, send me an email! A good guitar should have a name I think.

Here’s a couple small details about this guitar that a few of you gear nerds might be interested in. If not, I won’t be offended…. here goes! This Martin D-18 has a lot of unique features. It’s got a slightly wider neck than most guitars which I like. It makes it easier for me to bend strings. The guitar was made with 4 types of wood from all over the world. It’s got a sitka spruce top and a mahogany body. The fingerboard is ebony and the headstock is rosewood. To amplify the sound, I put a trance audio brand pick up in it called an amulet. They are a small company right out of Santa Cruz. This was almost a harder decision than getting the guitar itself. It works off new technology that I wish I could explain better. The result is a very natural guitar tone which I’m loving. Anyway, I digress. Enough guitar nerddom for today! Thanks for reading! Hope I get to play it for you in person soon!



Yesterday we had the honor of being interviewed by Dave Iverson on KQED’s Forum. It was a blast! Checkout the writeup and stream the archived interview on their site.

“Hassan El-Tayyab was a special-ed teacher going through a rough patch in 2009 when he decided to hop in his Chevy Malibu and take a road trip through America. He settled in Berkeley and formed a new Americana music group with singer-songwriter Shiloh Parkerson. The band, American Nomad, describes itself as ‘modern-day troubadours tramping the dark and dangerous highways of the human soul,’ from heartbreak to broken dreams, with a traditional folk sound. The group just released its new CD, ‘Country Mile.’ They join us for a conversation and live performance.”

Hey folks,

Today is May Day! That means American Nomad’s new album Country Mile is officially out in stores near you! Online stores that is. We are truly SO excited to finally share it with you after over a year of some of the hardest and most rewarding work we’ve ever done. Click on this link for a free stream of the entire album on American Songwriter Magazine’s website. Yes, you heard that right. American Songwriter Magazine liked our sound so much they are doing a feature article on Country Mile! How cool is that!


To get your own copy of Country Mile go to our music page or directly on CD Baby. You can either download the album or buy physical copies.

We have already sent our album to almost 200 radio stations around the country so there is a good chance your favorite folk DJ may be playing our tunes soon. Keep an ear out for that. We could still use your help sharing our music and spreading the word. If you like what you hear, please pass around the album and play it for the people you love. It would mean the world to us and help take our musical project to the next level.

Thanks again from the bottom of our musical hearts for your love and support. This album would not have been the same without your amazing generosity.

Keep on keeping on!

– American Nomad


Hey folks! Exciting news. The Bluegrass Situation just made the title track off our new record Country Mile, their song of the week. Take a second to read the review and have an exclusive listen to the track by clicking this link.

Here is an excerpt:

For today’s “Song of the Week” we travel to San Francisco to check in with American Nomad, a roots duo fronted by multi-instrumentalists Hassan El-Tayyab and Shiloh Parkerson. The band are firmly entrenched in modern Americana, bridging the gap between swinging country jazz and mystic mountain music, which is quite evident on their newest record Country Mile.

Produced by fiddle and folk stalwart, Laurie Lewis, the pair’s latest effort is a perfect example of the benefits of live recording.

“Working with our producer Laurie Lewis on Country Mile has been a blessing. If you’ve ever met Laurie you know that she is never afraid to speak her mind and is usually right when she does. That is exactly the kind of person we wanted as the producer for our first full length record,” the band tells The Sitch.

Title track “Country Mile,” begins with lush shivers of a dobro, before El-Tayyab and Parkerson embark on a grueling trek across a remote Southern landscape.

“With her quick decision making and strong direction, we tracked all the basics for 12 songs on our album in just two 10-hour days at Bird and Egg Studio. Laurie got every member of the band to focus on getting the best performances we all had in us. That is how it should be in the studio. Every musician walked away from those two days of live tracking agreeing that was one of the best recording sessions any of us had been a part of, and that Laurie was a key ingredient. We are all lucky to have her sharing her heartfelt music and guiding the next generation of bluegrass and Americana musicians.”


Well folks, our album is DONE, DONE, DONE. It’s been tracked, edited, mixed, mastered, and is back from the printers. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Honestly and truly. It took a community of folks to make this record happen and every contribution made a big difference. We are grateful to everyone right now. Hassan even hugged a complete stranger yesterday on the subway… that’s another story. Rest assured, he’s getting help.

So I guess you want to know when you can hear it huh? This blog is the place to find out that info. Our album will drop on May day. Yep… Thursday May 1st 2014. It’ll be available right here on this website for streaming and downloads if the Tech gods are smiling upon us. They can be unpredictable sometimes, but we are hoping for the best.

The following day on May 2nd, we will be on the Bay Area’s favorite talkshow Forum chatting about the release and doing a live performance. So exciting… 50,000 people will hear this broadcast. We hope you will be one of them. Turn your radio dials to 88.5 FM from 10:30am – 11:00am. You can also stream that interview at kqed.org.

Later that day we will be doing an Unofficial CD release party with the T Sisters at Sam’s Log Cabin in Albany. This will be a really unique outdoor event, hosted by Laurie Lewis nonetheless. Check out shows page for more info on that. The event will sell out, so get tickets TODAY!

That’s all for now people. Much love to you and yours for the amazing support along American Nomad’s musical journey! See ya soon!



Hey everyone,

Sorry for the silence. We’ve been busy busy busy trying to get this music ready for you all to listen to. Today is a special day though. I am so pleased to inform you we are finalizing the mix as I type and putting the album to tape. American Nomad’s debut LP Country Mile is just about FINISHED! All that is left to do is master it and send it off to the printers.

I must say that it has been an honor to work with such a stellar team of people on this record! From Laurie’s wisdom and guidance, to Nino’s engineering, to every musician who rocked it on each song. It’s been a blessing. It’s also been an honor to get your support in making the album. Without you, this album would have been much more difficult for this Indie band to have made. And don’t think we forgot about your rewards! They will be our first priority when we are done with the record.

Thanks again all. American Nomad loves you! We will be announcing the date for our CD release in the Bay Area party very soon.

American Nomad is on KQED!

February 16, 2014

We are so pleased to share that the Bay Area’s own NPR affiliate KQED did a 3-part video series on American Nomad a few weeks ago. Checkout the video below to hear us talk about our creative process. Thanks to KQED’s Emmy-winning video producer Kristen Farr for approaching us and putting the film together! You rock.


1/19/14 – Seattle, WA

Big thanks to Jakob, Jes and Taylor of the Blackberry Bushes Stringband for hosting us, sharing your wisdom, humor, and of course the music! What a fun show to be a part of at the Nectar Lounge with you all, as well as Left Coast Country and the Lucy Horton Band. One of the perks on this road is getting to hear phenomenal musicians, and this show did not disappoint! Hopefully we’ll share the stage in the near future. Expanding the family is one of my favorite elements of this tour!

Our stay in Seattle has been a nice long one. We’ve had a minute to sprawl out a bit, to get comfortable and get to know our new friends. It’s bought the inspiration level to a new high. Now, as we start our journey back to the Bay, I am full of motivation to hone the craft in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. I’ve got new guitar exercises, more compassion for the beginner in me, and an eagerness to push through the moments of resistance. Score!!! Speaking of scoring, what a conundrum watching the Seahawks/Niners game here, having grown up in Alaska in a Seahawks house and living in the Bay! I know, I know. It’s hard one to understand, but I really felt torn! This is one fun day off! TOUCHDOOOOOOOWN!

Onward to La Center, WA tomorrow to get ready for our Portland, La Center (WA), Salem and Cottage Grove, Oregon shows! We’re excited for all those we’ll meet, every note we sing, and all the well wishes on the way.

1/13/14- Arcata, CA

What gorgeousness we’ve got to encounter! And to think, what all is to come on this adventure? I’m eager to see, and so happy to be right here, feeling inspired to write, to learn, and keep lapping it up!

Today’s a day of work and a bit of rest, and what a beautiful space we have to do so. The sun is shining, the tunes are singing, and the air is nice and clean! I’m looking forward to our practice session after a bit of a break out side, and then for a hike down at the Arcata Marshes. An extra day here in this lovely little town? Yes please, that was a GREAT idea! I feel right at home.

If there’s a theme so far, for me it’s connection. The music has brought us to such kindness, beauty, and down to earth people. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the new faces! Big shout out to Terry of the Wayside Bar and Grill, Kate and Jonathan from Mt. Shasta, My dear friend CatMac in Redding, David and Jackie of the Arcata Playhouse, and Zach and Margie Zwerdling in Arcata. These folks have shared delicious meals, cozy beds for our sweet heads, great conversation, and the opportunity to connect as we miss all our little dears back home. Our homes on the road have been just that, and we’re filled with gratitude!


We’ve successfully completed two shows and our first travel day of the NW Country Mile Tour, and boy are we basking in the glow. That’s not to say that we aren’t ready for the hiccups that will follow, but for now, we are soaking up every second of this dream come true. We have felt so much love in the matter of two days, and with the appetite whetted, we’re eager for every step of this Country Mile.

We’d been looking forward to our first show at the Independent for months, and there wasn’t a drop of disappointment. I found myself in a haze of love, excitement and powerful energy buzzing about. Big thanks to all you lovelies for coming out. The support of you, our dear friends and fans, is surely the icing on top. To all of the amazing people whom we met, welcome to the family; we sincerely hope to cross paths again!

The Wayside Bar and Grill has taken such great care of us, and we leave with warmer hearts. What a wonderful community. We had a small crowd of intent listeners, with lots of smiles, laughter and dancing kiddos. I loved seeing people singing along with songs they’d never heard, without our suggesting we join in a sing along. We shared comfortable conversations with kind people, and can’t wait to return and meet the rest of the town!

Love is the tie that binds us. It carries us through the rough spots on the road, and has lifted us to cloud nine and beyond. And love is what we’re giving right back, with every breath and note sung, it’s all for you little darlings! Send us a message, drop us a line, we’re holding you right by our hearts as we journey on.

All the love!