Just got the harmony tracks back from Boston. Some local favorites Mark Lipman, and Olinde Mandell laid some background vocals on our EP. Having them record on an album of mine has been a dream come true.  They really are some of my favorite vocalists, as well as amazing singer/songwriters in their own right. The album is scheduled to be mixed and mastered sometime in early January.  Looking to forward to getting American Nomad’s first release Temple Sunrise EP out soon!

I’m back from my Northwest tour with Teresa Storch. Check out talented singer/songwriter at www.teresastorch.com.  Our 3-week tour in November of 2010 took us from San Francisco, up to Ashland, Salem, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, and Spokane, Washington, to Bozeman, Montana, Denver, Colorado, then back to the bay on the Amtrak through the Rockies. Met lots of great folks and had the pleasure of sleeping in actual beds for the whole adventure. Thanks Teresa for having me along.  Look forward to your new record coming out in 2011!


After about 15,000 miles in just over two months, I am finally back in Berkley, CA.  Good to be home after the summer tour(s) and Burning Man.  Yes, I said home for all of you folks wondering if I was leaving CA for good.  I’ll be sticking around.

To many of you on this list who I recently added over the last couple months of touring, thanks for the amazing support all summer long.  (I was the opener for Dum Spiro Spero and you signed my American Nomad Music email list by accident… jk) We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thanks again for the meals, couches, the love, encouragement, and the friendship.  Driving 12 hours just wouldn’t feel worth it without quality people to rock out with.  Special thanks to the smaller towns we played in, that really surprised me.  Moscow, ID, Farmington, MO, Ames, IA, and Dickenson, ND, to name a few. Don’t be fooled by any proof-less preconceptions you have.  They are all definitely worth a visit!

Another thanks to Todd, Adam, Kathryn, and Dan, whom I shared the first leg of the journey with.  That was a really great hang!  Nothing beats traveling with old friends.  Also, a big thanks to Dum Spiro Spero and crew for inviting me along and allowing me to share in their musical adventure as both an opener and accompanist.  You guys are a really great group with a lot of passion for your art.  Keep up the great music! Thanks to the entire Temple Crew at Burning Man this year for creating a place for godless heathens like myself to feel a context for personal spirituality and connectedness without any dogma attached.  Being in the inner ring during the burn with all of you this year was truly an honor.  You are all truly an inspired and talented group of individuals.

Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCkKFMKO5sM&feature=related for a video of this years’ Temple burn.

It will take a while for me to really process all that just happened over the past few months.  It almost seems like a blurry dream… (except I am waking up really tired and wondering if I got any sleep at all)  When you want something really bad and it happens, you can sometimes get left with a strange feeling.  Maybe it’s just part of our human or possibly American condition, but it seems like we are better at striving to satisfy our desires than actually being satisfied.  It reminds me to go back to the beginning and just slow down a bit.  I am taking the next few days to do just that!  Said best in the words of the late great Bill Hicks, “It’s just a ride.”  I’ll try and remember that as I enter the next phase of my time in CA.

I guess that is all from me for the time being.  Got a lot of work to do now with tracking the rest of the EP.  Going to work hard to get it out as soon as I can.  Working on booking more shows as well.  I hope this message finds you all well and thanks again for reading.  Take care.


Writing from Boulder, CO today… going to keep this short, as we are leaving for our next destination soon… (The Great Sand Dunes in Colorado)

Todd, Adam, and I’s first stop was Napoleon Ohio, where we stayed with my friend Alanna and her new husband Kurt. That evening we arrived we had a great jam with them… Alanna stole the show with a great version of “Working Class Hero”. The next morning, we headed for a local diner, where one of my travel companions (Adam) so bravely tried prettles… a mixture of all left over meat and bones from a cow. Apparently it’s a big deal around there. He survived somehow despite the warnings from the cook and the waitress. As we left, the waitress asked our names… when I said Hassan, she said, “Oh, like Hussein but cleaned up a bit.” Interesting I thought… Anyway, big thanks to Alanna and Kurt of the hospitality!

The next day we took Route 90 up to Chicago through miles and miles of corn fields and minor tornado wreckage. The rolling hills served as a back drop to hours of free styling, beat boxing, political rants and philosophical idea sharing. It flew by for me at least… Chicago was our first official musical performance. It was fun despite our exhaustion from driving. Todd Marston really rocked that evening! Thanks to Dan and Amanda for the great hospitality! (FYI, their house was just on that show Yard Crashers… their back yard looks amazing now!)

The next morning we cruised down route 80 though Iowa and Nebraska. We experienced another never ending sea of corn stalks, wind mills, silos, and republican themed truck stops. I had to convince Adam not to purchase a T shirt that said “Got Hope” with a thorny crowned Jesus in place of the famous colored picture of Obama…

After a pulling into North Plate, we grabbed a motel and got some much needed rest. In the morning we hit up a health food store and somehow were convinced to perform a song for the 3 elderly women working there. Random fun.

Finally we made it to Boulder after lots of miles in the car. Played a show at the Laughing Goat on Pearl Street last night and had a blast. Our fellowship is now 5 people, including myself, Todd, Adam, and two new passengers Kathryn, and Dan. Looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing the Great Sand Dunes tonight. That is all for me right now. Hope you all are well, and thanks for reading.

Summer tour 2010

January 7, 2011


I am back in Massachusetts after a 6-hour red eye flight I almost missed.  It is never good when the lady at the bag check counter tells you to run as fast as you can…. Anyway, been gone for about a year now… the time does fly.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and some family.  Looking forward to more travel as well.  I’ll be back in Boston for about 3 weeks and then hit the road July 19th  for the first official extended national music tour of my life. The tour will take me from Boston, Missouri, Boulder, around the South West and then back to SF…. and then from SF to Oregon, Washington State, across the Midwest, NY, Boston, PA, back across the Midwest. The band I am traveling with will then drop me off at Burning Man August 30th. I am signed up to help with the breakdown of this years Temple.

Overall, I feel really good about it all and hope more good fortune smiles at me.  I feel blessed to have experienced what I have over the past year.  I feel like learned so much about so much.  It’s hard to put it into words really.  I find I am a bit overwhelmed when people have asked me to describe what I have been doing for the past year.  I want to say thanks to all the folks in CA that took some random wanderer into their amazing community and feel really welcome almost immediately.  Also, thanks to you folks on the east coast for being supportive of me in my absence.  I missed you guys a lot. Thanks again for reading and look out for more stories on the blog.