Jan 7 2011

Summer tour 2010


I am back in Massachusetts after a 6-hour red eye flight I almost missed.  It is never good when the lady at the bag check counter tells you to run as fast as you can…. Anyway, been gone for about a year now… the time does fly.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and some family.  Looking forward to more travel as well.  I’ll be back in Boston for about 3 weeks and then hit the road July 19th  for the first official extended national music tour of my life. The tour will take me from Boston, Missouri, Boulder, around the South West and then back to SF…. and then from SF to Oregon, Washington State, across the Midwest, NY, Boston, PA, back across the Midwest. The band I am traveling with will then drop me off at Burning Man August 30th. I am signed up to help with the breakdown of this years Temple.

Overall, I feel really good about it all and hope more good fortune smiles at me.  I feel blessed to have experienced what I have over the past year.  I feel like learned so much about so much.  It’s hard to put it into words really.  I find I am a bit overwhelmed when people have asked me to describe what I have been doing for the past year.  I want to say thanks to all the folks in CA that took some random wanderer into their amazing community and feel really welcome almost immediately.  Also, thanks to you folks on the east coast for being supportive of me in my absence.  I missed you guys a lot. Thanks again for reading and look out for more stories on the blog.