Support our Kickstarter for Hassan’s New Memoir about Overcoming Writer’s Block!

Hey all.

Here is a link to a recently launched a Kickstarter to get support for a memoir I’ve been working on. Today is day one of a 30 day campaign to raise $3,000. I have till April 22nd to meet my goal.

I’ve been working towards getting this book out in the public for a long time and could use your help with this kickstarter to get me past the last step… publishing. It’s been about five years in the making. The book started as a blog about my cross-country road trip and evolved into a nearly 200-page memoir. It chronicles a period of time I spent with Flux Foundation building a lovely 37-foot fire breathing metal art sculpture named FIshbug and overcame a life threatening spiritual and creative block. Working on this metal art sculpture with an amazing community alongside actually writing my story, helped me work through depression and all the triggers I’d been stumbling over for a long time. It also helped me understand the complex emotions I have from growing up without my father, racism endured due to my Arab heritage, and much more. I have shared quite a lot about myself in this book that I kept bottled up inside for a long time. Writing it all down has been extremely liberating. So much can happen in our lives that it’s easy to get caught up and not take the time to examine life events closely. If you have a sec, please check out this kickstarter and give what you can. If you wouldn’t mind sharing it with friends or family that’d also be huge. Thanks everyone.


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